Posters on Interesting Partner Approaches
 IQ-Net Conference Antwerp Jan 2007

To illustrate interesting partner approaches, IQ-Net prepares posters in line with the conference theme.
These are presented and discussed at IQ-Net meetings.


Making Structural Funds smart and recognised
Posters prepared for the 41st IQ-Net meeting in November 2016
Slovenia Pomorskie Western Finland Wales Greece I/II Greece II/II
Implementation of Cohesion policy 2014-20 – is simplification simply a fiction?
Posters prepared for the 39th IQ-Net meeting in November 2015
Austria Finland Flanders France Nordrhein-Westfalen Wales
Providing better evidence for the results of Cohesion policy: monitoring and evaluation challenges in 2014-20
Posters prepared for the 38th meeting in May 2015
Czech Republic France Poland Wales
Integrated Territorial Development in Cohesion policy: New Instruments – New Results?
Posters prepared for the 37th meeting in November 2014
Austria Bretagne Prague and Central Bohemia Finland Limburg
Project generation and selection in Cohesion policy and the results-orientation requirements for 2014-20
Posters prepared for the 36th IQ-Net meeting in June 2014
Czech Republic Denmark Nordrhein-Westfalen Śląskie Vlaanderen Wales Wales Wallonie


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