IQ-Net Reseach Papers
 Oulu, IQ-Net Conference Western Finland Apr 2004

IQ-Net produces a series of reports comparing the design, delivery and evaluation of Structural Funds programmes across the EU. The IQ-Net Reports series includes papers which regularly review recent developments in programming across the EU and in specific regions (reviews of programme implementation), and thematic papers which cover 'functional' Structural Funds programming topics (e.g. programme design; Structural Funds management and implementation, monitoring and evaluation) or 'horizontal' programming themes (e.g. territorial cohesion, tourism, partnership).

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Reviews of programme implementation

     1994-99 2000-06 2007-13 2014-20 2020+

Structural Funds strategies & programme design

     1994-99 2000-06 2007-13 2014-20 2020+

Structural Funds management & implementation arrangements

     Project generation & selection Monitoring Evaluation Partnership
     Financial Management, Control and Audit

Structural Funds programme themes

     Territorial cohesion, urban development, interregional cooperation
     Publicity & communication Added value EU Cohesion Policy reform
     Employment & job creation Tourism Innovation & KE
     State aids Monitoring Horizontal themes
     Financial instruments Partnership    Evaluation            
In addition, the Publications page of EPRC's website contains an extensive list of publications, including further Structural Funds-related papers, many of which can be downloaded as PDFs.


IQ-Net gratefully acknowledges the support of the European Regional Development Fund