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 Study Tour, IQ-Net Conference Steiermark Oct 2003

Who can join IQ-Net?
IQ-Net membership is open to regional and national authorities responsible for managing and implementing European Structural Funds. A list of current members can be viewed here.

IQ-Net objectives
The aim of IQ-Net is to improve the quality of Structural Funds programme management through exchange of experience and mutual learning. The network has four objectives:
- to monitor and assess programme management practices and experiences among Convergence and Competitiveness programmes, identifying good practice and innovative approaches on selected issues;
- to facilitate the transfer and exchange of experience among Structural Funds managing authorities, programme secretariats and partners;
- to provide advisory and information support on programme management issues for IQ-Net partners; and
- to disseminate information on good practice among programme partners and raise the profile of partners and their activities more widely among the international Structural Funds community.

Services provided by EPRC
EPRC supports the IQ-Net by: organising meetings of partners at six-monthly intervals to facilitate a direct exchange of experience on selected issues; producing reports for each meeting on issues selected by sponsoring partners, reviewing the spectrum of practice among partner programmes as well as examining ‘good practice’ and innovative initiatives; disseminating IQ-Net results more widely; providing other electronic services supporting information exchange, facilitated by a partner-only website (see below); and providing ad hoc support such as advisory, information and training services.

Partner-only website
The partner-only website currently includes the following features to support information exchange between network members:
- Partner Home Page: from which partners can access the partner-only features.
- Conference materials: Details on forthcoming and previous conferences, including the opportunity to download conference materials and reports, and to access relevant websites.
- Network documentation: Access to exclusive IQ-Net reports such as Reports to Members and project specifications.
- Partner Links : Direct contact details for network members. Information about the programmes and operational structures of IQ-Net partners.
- IQ-Net Team: Profiles of the IQ-Net team and their responsibilities with respect to the network.

Benefits identified by network members
IQ-Net partners have identified a number of important ways they have benefited from membership of the network: better understanding of programme management and benchmarking with other programmes; organisational learning stemming from IQ-Net reports and debates; individual learning, from the opportunity for strategic reflection and sharing experiences with peers; contact generation; and on-site project visits/meeting local partners.

How to join IQ-Net
To find out more about IQ-Net membership, including support provided by EPRC to network partners, partner obligations and membership cost, please contact Professor John Bachtler (, Dr Laura Polverari ( or network manager Stefan Kah (

Research undertaken for IQ-Net by EPRC complies with the University of Strathclyde’s Code of Practice on Investigations on Human Beings. This Code is designed to ensure that research undertaken is carried out in an ethical manner, i.e. that: research is designed and undertaken to ensure integrity and quality; that research subjects (e.g. interviewees) are informed fully about the purpose, methods and possible uses of the research and what their participation involves; that the confidentiality of information and participant anonymity is respected; that the involvement of research participants is voluntary; and that research is independent, free of conflicts of interest or partiality. Further information on ethics for those being interviewed for EPRC research is available here.

IQ-Net gratefully acknowledges the support of the European Structural and Investment Funds