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Welcome to the IQ-Net Website. IQ-Net is a network of regional and national partners across the EU whose aim is to improve the quality of Structural Funds programme management through exchange of experience. IQ-Net is managed by the European Policies Research Centre (EPRC) at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

To find out more about the development and activities of the network please visit the What is IQ-Net? page.

IQ-Net News (click here for more news items)

37th IQ-Net Conference (Cheshire) discusses new integrated territorial instruments

IQ-Net programme managers, together with Merja Haapakka from the European Commission, met at the 37th IQ-Net conference in Cheshire (England) on 17-19 Novem... (more)

36th IQ-Net Conference (East Jutland) discusses project selection and generation in the light of the new results-orientation requirements

IQ-Net programme managers, together with Alida Staicu from the European Commission, met at the 36th IQ-Net conference in Denmark on 2-4 June 2014. The confe... (more)

35th IQ-Net Conference (Stirlingshire) discusses the role of Cohesion policy in combating youth unemployment

The IQ-Net group of European managing authorities and implementing bodies from 13 countries met this week for the 35th IQ-Net conference in Stirlingshire, S... (more)

34th IQ-Net Conference (Laško) discusses the strategic directions of the 2014-20 Cohesion policy programmes

IQ-Net partners, together with Pascal Boijmans from the European Commission, met at the 34th IQ-Net conference in Laško, Slovenia, on 12-14 June 2013. The ... (more)

EPRC News (click here for more news items)

EPRC research on Cohesion policy and national regional policy presented in Poland

Professor John Bachtler and Dr Martin Ferry were invited speakers at a meeting of government ministries and Marshal's Offices in Poland on the subject of 'M... (more)

EPRC at Political Studies Association Conference in Sheffield

On the 31 March Dr Arno van der Zwet presented at the PSA 65th annual international conference in Sheffield. The conference brings together international po... (more)

EPRC at Latvian EU Presidency Meeting on Financial Instruments and Administrative Capacity

John Bachtler was an invited Guest Speaker at the meeting of Directors-General for Cohesion Policy organised by the Latvian EU Presidency in Riga on 30-31 M... (more)

EPRC presents at Expert Group for Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters

On 19 march Dr Arno van der Zwet presented at the 3rd meeting of the Expert Group for Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters (EGTCUM) which consists of rep... (more)
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