20th Anniversary of IQ-Net
 IQ-Net Conference Antwerp Jan 2007

Celebrating 20 years of exchange experience on Structural Funds implementation

IQ-Net is one of the longest running European knowledge-exchange networks devoted to Cohesion Policy. It is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016, with a history of 40 conferences held over the past two decades on different aspects of programme management. The longevity and success of the network are attributable to the willingness of practitioners in national and regional authorities and the EU institutions to be open about their experiences and share knowledge, and we owe partners – past and present – many thanks for their commitment. Over the past two decades, IQ-Net has adapted constantly to meet new programme challenges. With no shortage of issues for future exchange of experience, we are looking forward to IQ-Net helping to promote effective learning for many years to come!


Professor John Bachtler, IQ-Net Director


IQ-Net partners meeting in Brussels on 13 June 2016

IQ-Net round table at DG REGIO, 14 June 2016
Briefing paper: Ideas and options for post-2020 Cohesion policy
Round table discussion - summary
Anniversary material
Anniversary brochure
Impressions from 40 conferences in 20 years
Photographs from the DG REGIO round table discussion and the breakfast meeting with the European Parliament’s REGI Committee are available to view here.



IQ-Net gratefully acknowledges the support of the European Regional Development Fund