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Regional development and policy in Europe
This research programme has been at the core of EPRC research for over one quarter of a century. It focuses on monitoring, analysing and understanding developments in national regional policies within the EU and beyond, with a view to drawing out comparative policy conclusions.

Much of the research under this programme is funded by the EoRPA consortium which began in 1978. EoRPA-funded research reviews policy developments in the EU Member States and Norway on an ongoing and structured basis and feeds into detailed comparative research papers which are discussed each year at the annual meeting of the consortium.

Building on this research base, a wide range of other research projects have been undertaken – some on specific aspects of national regional policy (eg area designation systems or policy delivery mechanisms), others on benchmarking national regional policy experiences in a given country against developments elsewhere in Europe (often as part of policy reviews or the development of new legislation) and a number on the impact of EU policy frameworks (in particular, the regional aid guidelines) on national regional policy.

Current/recent projects (click here for a full list of related projects or click project title for more information)
EoRPA (European Regional Policy Research Consortium): Regional Policy in the EU Member States and Norway - A Comparative Assessment Regional policy departments in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland (Ongoing)
Regional development and policy in Europe: Contributions for the debate in Latin America EUROsocial - FIIAPP (2013)
Open Innovation in Scottish SMEs University of Strathclyde (2011-2013)
The Objective of Economic and Social Cohesion in the Economic Policies of Member States DG Regio, European Commission (2010)
WP11 Ex Post Evaluation of Management and implementation Systems of ERDF, Objective 1 and 2, 2000-06 DG Regio, European Commission (2008/2009)
The Use of Evaluation in Structural Funds management - a comparative perspective Polish Better Government (Sprawne Panstwo) programme (2007/2008)
The potential for regional policy instruments, 2007-2013, to contribute to the Lisbon and Gothenburg objectives for growth, jobs and sustainable development. DG Regio, European Commission (2007/2008)
A Comparative Analysis of EU Funding and Policy Support Structures Scotland Europa (Scottish Enterprise) (2007)
The Ex Ante Evaluation of IPA Operational Programmes for Croatia The Republic of Croatia (2007)
Gender Equality in local economic development in Scotland, Case Study for the international project W.IN D. – Women in Development Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department for Rights and Equal Opportunities (2007)
2007 OECD Territorial Review: Norway OECD (2007)
Benchmarking Regional Policy in Europe, Second International Conference The Ministry of Finance in Latvia, Scottish Executive, the Ministry of the Interior in Finland, the British Council Latvia, the European Commission, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the University of Strathclyde (2005)
Selected Publications (click here for a full list of Regional development and policy in Europe Publications)
Download PDFMiller S (2014) The Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) in Scotland’s innovation system, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 1: 1 .

Download PDFBachtler J, Mendez C and Oraže H (2014) From Conditionality to Europeanization in Central and Eastern Europe: Administrative Performance and Capacity in Cohesion Policy, European Planning Studies , 22:4, pp735-757 .

Mendez C (2013) Regional development and policy in Europe, Meeting of Latin America Network on Regional Policy , Brasilia, 2-3 December 2013.

Download PDFPolverari, L (2013) Policy Rhetoric versus Political Reality: Has the Italian State Given Up on the Mezzogiorno?, Regional and Federal Studies, DOI:10.1080/13597566.2013.801842 .

Download PDFMendez C, Bachtler J and Granqvist K (2013) European Commission Perspectives on the 2014-2020 Partnership Agreements & Programmes: A Comparative Review of the Commission’s Position Papers, European Policy Research Paper, No. 84 , European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde , Glasgow .

Mendez C (2012) Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Policy in the EU, Brazil-EU Sectoral Dialogues Workshop organised by the Ministry of Integration , Brazil, Brasilia, 15 June 2012 .

Download PDFWishlade F (2012) Non-paper - Non-Starter or Non-Negotiable? EU Competition Policy and Regional Aid Control Post 2013, European Policy Research Papers, No. 83 , European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde , Glasgow .

Download PDFMendez C, Wishlade F and Bachtler J (2012) Negotiation boxes and blocks: Crafting a deal on the EU Budget and Cohesion policy , European Policy Research Papers, No. 82 , European Policies Research Centre, University of Strathclyde , Glasgow .

Davies S, Michie R and Vironen H (2012) Can peripheral regions innovate?, in Danson M and de Souza P (Eds)Peripherality, Marginality and Border Issues in Northern Europe Routledge / Regional Studies Association, .

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