What is EoRPA?

The EoRPA Consortium is a group of government ministries and agencies from twelve European countries which fund a research programme on regional policy developments in the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland. The research includes an ongoing comparative assessment of changes in regional policy, set in the context of the EU Regional Aid Guidelines and the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds. The Consortium also funds thematic studies on selected regional policy issues.

The EoRPA Consortium is managed by the European Policies Research Centre (EPRC). EoRPA is led by Professor John Bachtler, Dr Sara Davies, Fiona Wishlade and Heidi Vironen.

Research agenda

The research covers all 28 EU Member States together with Norway and Switzerland.

Research issues include:

  • recent changes in regional policies across the 30 countries
  • the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds
  • the EU Regional Aid Guidelines.

In addition, a research theme is selected each year to reflect the interests of the EoRPA group. In recent years, this thematic paper has covered:

  • 2016: New European territorial challenges and regional policy
  • 2015: Impact evaluation of regional policy business support
  • 2014: Evaluating the effectiveness of regional policy
  • 2013: Regional policy, employment and workforce skills
  • 2012: Financial instruments and regional policy
  • 2011: The (in)coherence of Cohesion policy
  • 2010: Regional policy and recovery from the economic crisis
  • 2009: Regional policy and demographic change
  • 2008: Territorial cohesion and territorial cooperation
  • 2007: The regional allocation of regional policy funding
  • 2006: The spatial orientation of regional policy in Europe
  • 2005: Innovation and regional policy
  • 2004: Regional policy evaluation
  • 2003: Changes in the governance of regional policy
  • 2002: The changing regional policy paradigm
  • 2001: The philosophy of regional policy
EoRPA thematic papers

Historical background

The EoRPA Consortium was established in October 1978 when government departments responsible for regional policy in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom decided to fund a comparative study of regional incentive policy in the European Community. The focus of the research was on policy change and the reasons for change over time, with the aim of gaining comparative policy lessons. In addition, an annual meeting of senior policymakers from the sponsoring countries was held to facilitate the exchange of views on policy developments in an informed yet informal atmosphere. The first annual meeting was held in January 1980; the 2016 meeting will be the 37th annual meeting.

The name 'EoRPA'

As well as being the acronym for EPRC’s European Regional Policy Research Consortium, EoRPA is the Gaelic word for Europe.

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