EoRPA Research Reports
2016 Papers
Evolution or Revolution, Exploring New Ideas for Cohesion Policy 2020+, EoRPA paper 16/4

Competition policy and regional aid: a slow surrender or pushing an open door?, EoRPA paper 16/5

2015 Papers
Regional policy in Europe: Targeting Growth and Inequality, EoRPA paper 15/1
Permanent revolution in Cohesion policy: restarting the reform debate, EoRPA paper 15/4
Recent developments in Competition policy and regional aid: Adjusting to a 'new normal', EoRPA paper 15/5
Impact evaluation of Regional policy business support: What is the evidence?, EoRPA paper 15/6
2014 Papers
Policy Reform under Challenging Conditions, EoRPA paper 14/1
Prospects for Cohesion Policy in 2014-20 and Beyond, EoRPA paper 14/4
Another generation in Competition policy control of Regional development policy, EoRPA paper 14/5
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Regional Policy, EoRPA paper 14/6
2013 Papers
Regional policy in times of austerity, EoRPA paper 13/1
A new dawn for Cohesion policy? The emerging budgetary and policy directions for 2014-20, EoRPA paper 13/4
The final frontier, or just another staging post? The 2014-20 Regional Aid Guidelines, EoRPA 13/5
Regional policy, employment and workforce skills, EoRPA paper 13/6
2012 Papers
Rethinking Regional Policy at National and European Levels, EoRPA paper 12/1
Negotiation boxes and blocks: Crafting a deal on the EU Budget and Cohesion policy, EoRPA paper 12/4

Non-paper - Non-Starter or Non-Negotiable? EU Competition Policy & Regional Aid Control Post 2013, EoRPA paper 12/5

Access to finance in Europe's disadvantaged regions: Can 'new' financial instruments fill the gap?, EoRPA paper 12/5
2011 Papers
Regional Policy in Europe: Divergent Trajectories? Annual Review of Regional Policy in Europe, EoRPA paper 11/1
A Budget and Cohesion Policy for Europe 2020: Let the Negotiations Begin, EoRPA paper 11/4
Setting the Scene for Competition Policy Control of Regional Aid 2014+, EoRPA paper 11/5
Peripheral Regions: A Marginal Concern?, EoRPA paper 11/6
2010 Papers
Regional Policy and Recovery from the Economic Crisis: Annual Review, EoRPA paper 10/1
To roll forward or roll back? Regional Aid Control 2014+, EoRPA 10/4
Setting the stage for the reform of Cohesion policy after 2013, EoRPA paper 10/5
Complementarity or conflict? The (in)coherence of Cohesion policy, EoRPA paper 10/6
2009 Papers

Regional Policy under Crisis Conditions: Recent Regional Policy Developments in the EU and Norway,

EoRPA paper 09/2

Dealing with Demographic Change: Regional Policy Responses, EoRPA paper 09/4
Crisis, what crisis? Business as usual for EU Competition Policy and Regional Aid Control, EoRPA 09/5
Challenges, Consultations and Concepts: Preparing for the Cohesion Policy Debate, EoRPA paper 09/6
Reports from previous years
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